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ZERO Nicotine vapor liquids are now available in most all NLV flavors

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Backston Tobacco, StraBerry Beach, Tobanna, NLV4ya, Red Apple, and Apricot Brandy

NLV Vapor Liquid Descriptions
NLV Vapor Liquids Descriptions
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Vapor Inhalation Safety: There are NO companies, vendors, or manufacturers at this time that can positively guarantee that “any” Vapor Liquid on the market is safe for long-term use. Whether it is made using food flavorings or extracted tobacco (by itself, mixed, and/or blended) no one can truly prove that the inhalation of these products are any safer than smoking. The Vaping Industry is reasonably new and therefore lacks the many years of data sufficient to make safety or health claims of any kind. If you are not a smoker or a vapor, our advice is “do not experiment”. Fresh air is your friend.

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