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130ml NiteLite Vapor Mini Jug

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NiteLite Vapor Liquids Descriptions with Reviews:

Bounty Hunter

Our Best Seller for 7 years!

Provides a great inhale/exhale and extends a variety of taste descriptions from many customers.

Some say Bounty Hunter tastes like a breakfast cereal combo with a slight tobacco finish, while others claim this v-Liquid reminds them of a vanilla wafer cookie, or angel food cake, or possibly even Twinkies. Bounty Hunter is easily an all-day-vape and is ranked amongst the "Top Three E-Liquids" of 2011 by ECF members.

Review by Mazinny, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… hard to describe. I don't get the rice crispy or Twinkies analogies made on the website. The only flavor I pick out for sure is vanilla, but thankfully for me, not a strong, perfumery vanilla. Maybe a touch of brown sugar? Graham Cracker without the cinnamon? I get just a hint of tobacco, which is strange cause I smell it! The closest description I can come up with, is like the cookies on Delta Airlines.

Review by Drumonron, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Can't put down Bounty Hunter...it's a keeper for sure. Something happened with this juice in a week after getting it and opening it...either that or my taste buds acclimated because when I first received it I really couldn't taste much....so I vaped it for a day(24hrs) and then on the shelf it went....then about a week later I said, lemme give BH a try again...I swear that the flavor profile is much more pronounced and yummy....me likey alot.

Review by Katdarling, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Bounty Hunter is the premiere v-liquid from NLV. Many, many people find that it is not only their ADV, but THE liquid that got them to be able to vape and not smoke. It has a "sweetness" to it, but it is not sugary vape or a dessert vape at all. It's a complex and delicate blend of at least 6 different flavors, including tobacco and a creamy vanilla undertone. This is the vapor flavor that first put NLV on the “unique flavor” map.

Review by Andy Thatcher, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Bounty Hunter eh? It’s the only liquid I buy that I refuse to run out of. It has a special place in my affections as it is the liquid that made everything fall into place and become a vapor rather than a smoker. OK gushy stuff over. I am actually vaping some made in March of last year. People keep trying to find similarities between Bounty Hunter and Bobas Bounty that just does not exist in other than name only and that they both take you on a journey in flavor from fresh to steeped. I am not going to try to speak to the BH flavor other than it is a tobacco with a vanilla wafer underlay, with other flavors suggested as you go up and down the wattage/voltage scale. Everyone seems to get something slightly different from it.

Review by VAPNSTUF, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… All I can say is WOWWW! Grabbed it right from the mailman's hands. Not sure how to describe the flavor but Bounty is friggin delicious!
Best juice I have tried so far, even at 6mgs to boot. Was a bit worried about what the TH would be like at 6mg but its as good (or close) as the 12's I've tried. Wish I just ordered this instead of the many juices I've been ordering at 6mg, all still steeping. I also received Harbor & Gold, can't wait to try those later. Your right about different settings, every twist of the dial changes it up a bit. Ordering more after I have a chance to try all 3. Cheers!

NLV Gold

Another BEST Seller that gives Bounty Hunter a run for the money.

Review by Katdarling, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)…
NLV Gold is one of NiteLiteVapor's best selling flavors, sometimes even in competition with the infamous Bounty Hunter! It reminds many people of a caramel flavored pop corn when they first receive it, but then it steeps into a Golden Graham taste that many, many of us have absolutely fallen in love with!!! Is it pancake-y? Toasty tobacco-y? Maple-y? Breakfast-y? All I know is that this is THE NLV flavor that I find most addictive. It's magical and it morphs into different vapes. Gold to me is a mysterious and enigmatic flavor, with subtle nuances that seem to change with each passing moment. It is the 'transformer' with the golden Midas touch on the NLV menu line up… and my Beloved!

Review by Mazinny, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… A medium tobacco, creamy, maybe toasted hazelnut? and a hint of some kind of middle eastern spice I can't put my finger on. a little caramel? chickpeas? just the right amount of sweetness too! My perception of the flavors could be total nonsense, but this is a delicious vape!

Review by jefsview, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Actually, it tastes like Golden Graham cereal and it is oh, so tasty! A touch of honey, a touch of maple and a graham type tobacco. Really smooth, mellow and yummy.

Backston Tobacco

NiteLiteVapor is well know for their tobacco-ish trendy flavor designs. Backston tobacco has presented itself to be the Staple Tobacco Blend which will dominate NLV’s truest to form tobacco flavor. With it’s mild, but tasty bluntness… this tobacco flavor stands on it’s own virtues. NiteLiteVapor’s CEO and founder has deemed this New addition for July 2014 his First Choice of Vapes. It’s been years since any such flavor has pinned itself so close to NLV’s mixologist.

Special Note: Backston can easily be mentholated by using NLV’s Ultra Menthol Drops to make it a leading menthol tobacco flavor as well.


One of the BEST butterscotch blends that you'll find anywhere. New for June 2014

Review by Kemosabe, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… 100% pure luxury all the way baby. amazing! its rich, creamy, velvety, buttery, scotchity. perfect. get ready for it to envelop your taste buds with its decadence, folks.

Review by Glam, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)…
Just tried the Butterscotch today for the first time. What a treat by itself or great as a mixer with tobaccos. Can't wait to start my DIY (Dump it Yourself) tendencies with the Butterscotch. I love experimenting with flavors.


An interesting and very tasty Banana mix with a twist of great tobacco which does not overpower your taste buds. New for June 201

Review by Adam the Aussie, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Tobanna is jaw droppingly good. Think of Gorilla Juice without the vanilla and a slightly more forward, nicer tasting tobacco and you're in the ball park. A great addition to the NLV catalogue.

Review by kscoggins, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… I'm a big fan of Gorilla Juice too, and with Tobanna I get more pronounced banana (and a different type of flavor) and a different tobacco flavor. It's good, but different.

Review by Katdarling, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)…
I can tell you right now that Tobanna sure does! I was completely surprised by this one. I'm not normally a fruit vaper at all, but I did (of course) have to check out our Artisan Mixer's blend. And am I glad I did! The first aromas from the bottle are a total and profound banana. It screams banana. And then as the MasterMixer would do..... it is a completely different experience vaping it. The banana goes a bit into the background and the tobacco comes forward. The blend is superb, and by that I mean totally delish.


NiteLiteVapor's version of the ever popular RY4 which has been around for many years. This mix is surrounded by caramels, vanillas, a lite unique tobacco, with a mild nutty exhale. New for May 2014

Review by Mr Mann, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… I am generally not that much of a fan of RY4s, but NLV4ya is so good I want to curse! Man, that toasty and savory element grounds this liquid in a way that makes it perfect at any time! Sweet enough to go with my black coffee, but savory enough to not make me tire of it throughout the day. Damn. Homerun right here!!!

Update: Over 24hrs later and I can't stop vaping NLV4ya! It's been awhile since I had a new-to-me liquid immediately Bogart my vape-time like this. The last time was, well, probably Gold (first sent to me from Sherlock Homeboy!).

Review by Namgic, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… For a guy who rolls through 3-4 flavors a day I have solely had the new NLV4ya ON for 2 straight days. Best NLV flavor yet!!!

BluBerry Beach

This flavorful Vapor Liquid has been raved about throughout our beta reviews by long time NLV customers. True to it's name, BluBerryBeach is "berry good" from start to finish. You will definitely find the blueberries, but with an added infused that makes this flavor rise to the occasion.

Review by Sirius, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Just now vaping Blueberry Beach from NiteLiteVapor. This blueberry is AWESOME!


A fantastic tropical fruit cocktail. No banana or coconut.

Review by moishesmom, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Tropikeyta comes across as a delicious pineapple to me & as I've stated earlier, I'm not into fruit flavors but I LOVE THIS ONE! It also makes a great mixer with any other pre-mixed flavors.


A 5-star offering from NLV that has a fresh apple pie or applesauce taste with just a touch of cinnamon on top the mild tobacco blend. All contained in a wonderfully flakey butter crust, toasted to perfection.

Review by Katdarling, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… my thoughts on Tappulles...
It's a wonderful blend of tobacco and apple pie, pie crust and applesauce, and they all fit together and balance each other. It's kind of crazy and wild how the flavors come forward in the vape, then retreat into the background. The apple component alters the tobacco, and then the tobacco alters the apple! It's tobacco and pie crust on the inhale, and apple on the exhale. Tobacco on the inhale, DESSERT on the exhale! It's almost as if it takes the apple, then takes the pie crust, and tucks them into the tobacco in a gentle but firm way.

Review by jefsview, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… For me, the tobacco sits under the apple spice notes, mixes with the bakery elements so you forget it's suppose to be a tobacco vape.

Review by MaxUT, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… I don't know why I like this one so much, because the tobacco part is on the mild side. It must be the apple flavor that has me hooked. The overall effect is mild and smooth and makes me think of moderately sweet apple pie filling. Great balance of flavors. I'll always want to have this one around.


One of the most sought after v-Liquids on our menu. Renegade was originally categorized as a RY-4 variant. Meaning that it had similarities to the famously acclaimed RY-4 (short for Ruyan #4) which was a very popular v-Liquid mixture of four basic flavors: a tobacco base, a meek nutty flavor, caramel, and vanilla. But unlike Ruyan #4, Renegade also integrates a combination of mixed spices which grants this e-liquid an identity of it's own. It is now no longer considered a RY-4 "variant" by NLV, primarily because it does not incorporate any nutty flavor and the caramel and vanilla flavors are very mild. A lot of our NLV veteran customers have given us the thumbs up for letting Renegade be Renegade, severing it's ties to the RY-4 family. And by definition, that is what a renegade is... one who rejects conventional behavior.

Cold Creek

Arctic Mint Freshness that will cool your taste buds!
You can vape this one straight or mix it with your other favorite NLV flavors for just that perfect inter-mixture of minty iciness.

Line Rider

Line Rider v-Liquid has similarities to the Vaping Industry's widely acclaimed 555 tobacco v-Liquid.

Review by MaxUT, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… I've tried quite a few 555s. Nite Lite Vapor's Line Rider has been my favorite for some time now. Lots of nutty flavor with a good tobacco base.
I also like to mix it with NLV Waffles for a little added maple and sweetness, or add some honey flavoring for a honey-nut taste.

Review by Kemosabe, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Line Rider is a mainstay of mine. Been vaping it for quite some time now. I can never get enough!

Review by Doorknob, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… I never cared much for the 555 type flavors, but Line Rider is different than most. It has that nutty flavor, but there is something about the throat hit and pleasant taste of it that is satisfying. Sort of like when you smoked the stinkys, that satisfaction after getting to take a hit after having a three hour craving lol, that is what I get every time I take a vape of LR. And I have yet found anything that can compare to that satisfying feeling. It is also a no fuss juice, doesn't matter what hardware I have tried it on it works and tastes great.

Harbor Nite

Virginia tobacco with a nutty chocolate flavor throughout the vape. Tastes creamy... slight chocolate... tiny bit nutty... mild tobacco. The "nutty" flavor seems to come first... then a subtle mocha / coco flavor... not a sweet chocolate. The Virginia tobacco tends to ride hand and hand with this flavor combination making it a winner!


This unique true tobacco v-Liquid has NO added flavorings to alter it's natural state.

Review by MaxUT, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… My favorite -- I vape more of this than all other vapor liquids combined. The taste is non-sweet and reminds me of Prince Albert tobacco; it's a satisfying vape if you crave a real tobacco feel from your vaping experience less the burning paper and smoke. To me it has a bit of a sharp high note though, so I've taken to adding other NiteLiteVapor v-Liquids in small amounts to soften the taste. (Mixers: Vanilla Strait, Caramel Reef, BluBerry Beach, etc.)


Fruit lovers beware, you may just fall in LOVE this perfect blend from the trees of popular fruit.

Review by Allazar from ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forums)…
This is a heavenly blend perfectly mixed of apple, peach, and pear where no one flavor overrides another. This is without a doubt my favorite fruit flavor from any vendor! Even people that do not normally enjoy fruit flavors typically fall in love with this one! I suspect that as more people that are interested in flavors that do not include tobacco hear about NLV, that this one will continue to increase in sales and might even challenge the top 3 eventually!

Vanilla Strait

We fashioned Vanilla Strait with a variety of blended vanillas to achieve what we feel is the near perfect Vanilla vape. The result is very smooth and luscious. Vanilla Strait can also be used to enhance other v-liquids in a final mix.


This exquisite cup of Cappuccino v-Liquid is alluring. Expect a bit more than above average with this blend of perfection. Some say it gives hints of caramel and vanillas with a slight Irish crème topping all through the vape.

Review by supermarket, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Capparillo is one of my favorite e-liquids to date....and it is the ONLY coffee e-liquid I've tried that actually tastes good. NLV liquids don't require as much steeping as other vendors do, but I notice that the notes/flavors really do come out more, and compliment each other more when they do steep. Taste is very subjective, no e-liquid company is ever going to please everyone....I have to say though (and I've said it plenty of times), out of the nearly 20 companies I've ordered from, NLV are the best liquids I've had, with nothing even coming CLOSE.

Review by jefsview, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Capparillo IS delicious. Smooth, creamy coffee with that touch of Irish Cream (which I didn't think I would enjoy, but it worked. I've read horror stories about bad, nasty coffee vapes -- This isn't one of them! It's cappuccino and it's GOOD!

StraBerry Beach

NEW for October 2014! - Full refreshing taste if Strawberries dipped in a lite creme base. Quickly becoming a Top Chart Flavor choice by NLV customers.

Caramel Reef

Orchestrated caramel flavorings in concert with mingling sweet tobacco highlights. Many NLV customers enjoy vaping this unique blend on it's own. Also used as an excellent mixer to add a touch of caramel deliciousness to other finished vapor liquids. A must have for your Vaping Pantry.

Red Apple

A delicious juicy red apple flavored vapor liquid.

Review by DPLongo22, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… Aw heck - I GOT AN APPLE ORCHARD! Red Apple is fantastic, if your a fan of pure apple. It's by far the best I've tried, and I've tried... a few (cough). I can't get enough of it.

Apricot Brandy

Just as you would expect... Brandy with Apricot overtones. Very Good!

Ultra Menthol Drops

A drop or two into ANY pre-mixed vapor liquid will mentholate the liquid. You can make a menthol flavor anytime you wish with Ultra Menthol Drops! Not to be vaped on it’s own and contains ZERO nicotine.

Review by willowize, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)… My son uses the Ultra Menthol Drops (only 2 drops per 10 ml) and loves it.

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